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I'm Nicole.

The maker mama behind Nested Chick.

I am a homebody. Homeschooler. Homesteader. My favorite place to be is in my nest, with my little chickadees, relishing our simple life on the farm.


Becoming a mother is a milestone that completely altered the course of my life in the most beautiful ways. In fact, the urge to nest during my last pregnancy led me to create a felt animal crib mobile for my baby bear. That nursery mobile was the seed that Nested Chick would sprout from. That was long before I even knew I could dream big enough to touch the lives of other amazing mama bears.

Thank you for allowing me the honor

of playing of some small role in your journey in motherhood. 

DeFelice Family - September 2020-21.jpg

At the ripe age of 23,

I was promoted to the rank of Mama and it is the title I am most proud to have earned. Our daughters range in age from teen to tween to tyrannical toddler, so hang with me if you want madness that spans the gamete of mommyhood.

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When I'm not chasing around my barefoot babies I'm wrangling all manner of

four-legged critters on our homestead...chickens, pigs, cows, the whole ark! Part of my journey in motherhood is deeply rooted in simple living, present parenting, and finding peace on my little slice of heaven in the countryside. 

My Mission

To bring nature to the nursery, so your baby bear can seek adventure from their very first slumber. 


When I was little I used to spend hours playing in the woods behind my house, pretending I could speak to the animals, and building forts among the trees. I’ll always be that little girl in my wild heart. Every thing is possible through her eyes and magic is all around.

My hope is to spread a little bit of that whimsy wherever I go. To help your little ones imagination run wild, so they too can be inspired by nature.

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