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Hey, darlin!
I'm Nicole.

The homestead mama behind Nested Chick.

I am a pioneer for the home. The one you create with your family and the one you cultivate within yourself. My favorite place to be is in my nest, with my little chickadees, relishing our simple life on the homestead.


From combat boots to living with peace and purpose, building a homesteading lifestyle with my family enabled me to experience a greater sense of personal freedom doing what I love...raising my babies as a present mama, taking ownership of our food, and learning to embrace my most authentic self. 

Image by lilartsy

My homesteading journey began on 1/4 acre in a suburban city with a tiny garden plot boasting nothing but sunflowers and cucumbers, a few backyard chickens, and an ache in my soul to connect more deeply with my family.

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Since those early days, we've laid down roots on our18 acre homestead in the country and I can no longer imagine a life without my barefoot babies running around covered in dirt, a family milk cow in the barn, and some quirky hens scratching in the grass under the summer sun.  

My Mission

To help mamas create and cultivate their homesteading dreams and step into a greater sense of freedom, purpose, and joy! 


When I was little I used to spend hours playing in the woods, pretending I could speak to animals, and weaving wild tales of adventure. I’ll always be that little girl in my wild heart. Every thing is possible through her eyes and joy is all around us.

My calling is to unleash that dreamers heart on our community and offer a helping hand to other mamas on their homesteading journey. To support you in unlocking peace and purpose of your own, and experiencing all that joy with your family along the way.


Let's dream together? 

Image by Zoe Schaeffer
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