Hi. I'm Nicole.
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Mama Bear

At the ripe age of 23, I was promoted to the rank of Mama and it is the title I am most proud to have earned. Our daughters range in age from moping teenager to tyrannical toddler, so be prepared for "wisdom" (read: madness) that spans the gamete of mommyhood!

Chaos Coordinator

When I'm not chasing around my barefoot babies I'm wrangling all manner of four-legged critters on our family homestead. Part of my journey in motherhood is deeply rooted in living a simpler life that highlights the importance of family and I was able to find that through homesteading. 

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Let me weave a tale for you of a dreamer who's head was always in the clouds and nose forever in a book. She took a leap of faith one day and nothing was ever the same.


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