Hi. I'm Nicole.

I can't tell you that I am a published author or a social media influencer, so the only thing that seems to qualify me to share my journey and my stories is that I refuse to grow up. I can plod through a flock of chickens and with one well-placed stomp send them firing off in every direction like feathered missiles. I can teeter on the edge of the hay loft and imagine myself flying off to a far away land. I’d still be using my daughter’s legos to build water troughs if the goats would stop trying to eat them. I’m sure those qualifications count for something as far as experience goes.  

In all seriousness, Nested Chick was born from my desire to share and connect. My husband and I raise our three wild farm girls on our family homestead, so I never lack inspiration! After decades of military service, working in marketing, advocacy and non-profits I decided it was time to invest my energy in building something that was reflective of my passion and creativity. Welcome to that vision! 

Nested Chick Homesteading
Mama Bear
Chaos Coordinator

At the ripe age of 23 I was promoted to the rank of Mom and it is the title I am most proud to have earned. Our daughters range in age from moping teenager to just getting her wheels toddler, so be prepared for "wisdom" (read: insanity) that spans the gamete of mommyhood. 

When I'm not chasing around my barefoot babies I'm wrangling chickens on our family homestead. Part of my journey in motherhood is deeply connected to living a simpler life that highlights the importance of family and I was able to find that through homesteading. 

Let me weave a tale for you of a dreamer who's head was always in the clouds and nose forever in a book. She took a leap one day and nothing was ever the same.


Thanks for joining my next story!