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The thrill of losing that first tooth is a defining milestone in childhood and there's no better way to celebrate than to start new family traditions with a magical tooth fairy visit!


This tooth fairy pillow is perfectly designed for parents... I mean tooth fairies...To sneak in and swap some cold, hard, fairy-cash for your kiddos lost tooth. Each pillow is sewn with a pink ribbon that allows this princess pillow to hang from a doorknob or bed post. No more hunting under the pillow for tiny teeth!


Crafted from hypoallergenic felt this sparkly princess is eco-friendly and durable. Lightweight anf the perfect size for growing hands, she will enjoy hours of playtime in bewteen tooth fairy visits. 


Sparkle and shine! Embroidered features, a dazzling gold crown, and purple shimmering tutu adds the perfect amount of sparkle your little princess needs in her tooth fairy pillow! 


Bonus Feature:

Customizable Tooth Fairy Certificate Download FREE!



Hanging Length - 12 Inches

Tooth Height - 9 Inches

Tooth Width - 4 Inches

Princess Tooth Fairy Pillow

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