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Roosters on the Homestead

I know. Look at him, right? A good rooster commands authority and respect.

Here’s a few reasons why you need a handsome chap of your very own:

1. Rooster + Hen = A hen without a rooster will still lay eggs, but an egg without a rooster will never become a chick! If you have a longing to hatch your own little peepers, then you’ll need to find yourself a stud muffin like this fella!

2. Balanced Flock Life You've heard of the pecking order? There's a hierarchy of dominance in every flock, and hens at the top of the pecking order can become rather nasty with others lower down. Having a male in the flock can help balance that pecking order since, in the male-dominated world of nature, roos are always at the top.

3. Protectors Mr. Fox or Mr. Hawk will gladly swoop in and pick up a fast meal if there isn’t a first line of defense. It’s the roosters job to defend their flock, and instinctively they'll do it even against the most fearsome of predators.

4. Alarm Clock That roosters crowing is more than just a way to greet the sunrise. It’s a built in alarm system and it’s been an early warning sign for us of many an unwanted visitor. Some people aren’t partial to the sound of a roosters crow, but I love it!

5. Flashy Colors Okay, I’ll admit this is a stretch as far as a good reason to have a rooster, but hear me out!! The males of most species of birds are the ones boasting the glorious plumage. Give your hens a little eye candy would ya!!

If you keep chickens on your homestead then you should definitely consider keeping a rooster with your flock!

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