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Making over $100/day on Amazon as a Total Newb

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

This time last year I had never even heard of a passive income business. The concept of making money while working less seemed like a get rich quick scheme to me because I’ve always prided myself on working tirelessly for everything I have.

I came from humble beginnings. My mother was a single mom to four kids and we always struggled to get by. When I was 16 I dropped out of school to work full-time during the day and finish my high school diploma at night. I've been busting my hump ever since and every blessing I have is because of that work ethic.

For the past five years I've been a work-at-home mom. It's been a joy to be home to send my littles off to school each morning and be waiting for them at the bus stop each day. With the arrival of our youngest daughter my whole world went upside down. I discovered that "working" at home and raising an infant were nearly impossible to balance doing the kind of client-based work I was in. I knew that for my sanity something had to give and I didn't know it at the time, but there was already a path for me waiting to be discovered.

2020 was a savage battlefield of social distancing, e-learning, aliens, unemployment, murder hornets, Zoom meetings, and just all the things that are bad in the world! I found myself working from home with my infant daughter and distance learning with my 8 year old. The idea of free time was laughable when I couldn't even find time to shower (there were some stanky weeks there) and I should have been in total survival mode...but I wasn't.

How is that even possible?

One fine day in January I found myself scrolling on social media and came across a post promoting a way to generate passive income. Facebook ads never get me, I'm a skeptic and scroll on by typically, but this one pulled me in because the couple were so genuine and their excitement was infectious!

Little did I know these two incredible humans would become my mentors and friends.

They would change my life.

I signed up for the Rainmaker Challenge and that one choice has completely transformed my journey as a working mother.

After completing the Rainmaker Challenge in February, I launched my first product on Amazon six months later!

Come December I had sold 500 crib mobiles and reached unfathomable milestone of generating $20k in sales!

It didn't seem real. I was nobody. A mom running her small bizz in her pj's with her heathen children banging on her keyboard while she tried to work!!! Real Life.

2020 should have crushed me. It humbled many parents when it asked us to wear hats we never wanted to wear, but I didn't survive 2020.

I thrived in 2020.

And it was all because I got this hair-brained idea to start a passive income business during a pandemic. Small businesses were closing their doors in droves and here I was starting one? *face palm*

The passive income business model is a perfect match for the stay-at-home mom because it empowers us to enhance our financial freedom, while we remain committed to the thing that matters

There’s nothing more gratifying than waking up to sales happening while I was sleeping or checking on my small biz after a long day chasing barefoot babies to see I’d set a record number of sales without lifting a finger that day to make it happen.

If you think starting a passive income business might be for you, then I would love to help you learn to fly. Let's start your six figure side hustle during naptime and create financial freedom for your family.

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