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Harnessing Happiness

The greatest gift you can give yourself is permission to be happy.

That joy is usually found in the infinitesimal details of our seemingly mundane lives.

Those moments of pause when my heart feels full always come from caring for children, my husband, my animals, my land, my plants, and myself.

An act as simple as filling a basket with eggs asks me to slowdown and appreciate the time that goes into caring for our flock from the moment they hatch out of a tiny egg. It reminds me to appreciate even the smallest creatures on the homestead who carry the great responsibility of feeding us. Setting eggs in that basket fills me with pride that we have mastered the stewardship of one of our animals enough to enable them to produce something as beautiful as this rainbow.

A quiet life affords so many opportunities to pause and feel grateful. In a time when the world feels like it’s reeling on its axis and the focus is ever forward with haste, we are fortunate to know the value of being present. We find our happiest moments in the hear and now, not in chasing what we have yet to achieve.

Give yourself permission to be filled with positivity, if only for a moment, to appreciate something in your life that brings you happiness. Harnessing your own happiness begins with shifting your perspective from scarcity and jealousy to abundance and gratefulness.

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