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Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I am a hummingbird. In so many facets of my life. Flitting from one thing to the next, extracting what I need, and moving on to that next tempting flower. This is how I approached entrepreneurship. Sticking just a toe into each endeavor, but never really going all in.

My first experience with being an entrepreneur began when I started selling fresh eggs from our little flock of backyard chickens. For real! The egg hustle was as simple as selling a few dozen eggs hear and there to neighbors and friends for $5. It helped me to pay for the chickens feed bill and at that time I was pleased with the outcome of my efforts. There were no plans to quit my day job to be a chicken farmer and there was no 10,000 foot view of what I imagined this business would become.

What I did learn about myself in that little endeavor was that I loved engaging with my customer and having the opportunity to share something I am passionate about. Yes, it was just giving them a dozen eggs, BUT I got to share with each person a little about the hens behind the eggs and it forged a deeper connection for them with their food. It left me with this feeling that the gift of connection I was giving them for free had so much more value then the product I was selling to them. That was when I realized that my call as an entrepreneur was to connect with people.

From there I tried my hand at so many little side hustles over the years! Handmaking aromatherapy jewelry to connect with people about self-care, creating herbal remedies to promote natural wellness, selling baby chicks and eggs because I can't stop talking about chickens (Real Life: I'm a Crazy Chicken Lady), making websites for agricultural businesses, supporting local non-profits with my marketing skills...just so many random deviations on my journey and each one taught me something else I was going to need for my business. By no means has it been a straight line from working in the office 9 to 5 to finding my calling.

I knew I had found the right business model when it demanded very little of my time on a daily basis and yet I was searching for more ways to invest time in growing the business. I would stay up late at night doing product research and reviewing keywords, not because I needed to, but because I sincerely enjoyed what I was doing!

The end all be all of entrepreneurial experiences for me has been this passive income business model as an Amazon FBA Seller. When I need time away to be disconnected and recharge my batteries, my business keeps running without skipping a beat and I can spend a day or a week away without having to worry. On the flip side of that, when I'm energized and ready to dive deeper into growing my brand I can lean into this business and invest more of my time.

It's exciting because of how scalable the business is!

In the mad stages of life raising tiny humans and don't have a lot of time on your hands as it is?

No worries, passive income is a perfect fit for you.

Ready to retire and looking for an income stream that won't take away from your golden years?

What an awesome match for you as well!

Finding yourself hungry to be your own boss and go all in on a new endeavor?

You're in the right place too!

Passive income can be as passive or as active as you want it to be at any given time.

So, here I am hanging up my hat as a serial entrepreneur.

Yes, I will still gladly talk chickens with you every day of the week!

BUT chickens probablyyyyyy aren't going to pay my mortgage, so I'm leaning into Amazon and ecommerce as the way forward with the hopes that I won't lose that connection I am hoping to make with my audience even though I can't serve you in person during these crazy times! I hope that through my products my customers can feel the whimsy that lives in my heart and see a little bit more of the wonder in the world through my eyes.

Keep being magical, my precious unicorns!

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