Buy One Then Receive Reimbursement

To support launching our Baby Milestone Cards you’ll be buying one for full price on Amazon first, then once you provide proof of purchase we’ll send you the full amount back over PayPal or Venmo within 24-48 hrs! It's that easy and then you're ready to snap all the dreamy photos of your little blessing as they grow!  


Why The Giveaway Option Is My Fav

Our shop is a little fish in a VERY big sea on Amazon! Hosting a week of giveaways when we launch a new product not only helps us to bless other mama's, but also boosts the product to rank higher and exponentially increase it's visibility to Amazon shoppers! We would love to see these baby milestone cards in the hands of as many proud mamas as possible and that's where your help with the giveaway can make a difference for our family business on Amazon!


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*Please, do not purchase the item on Amazon until you receive our instructions by email. There is a limited quantity of baby milestone cards for this giveaway, so if you purchase one without being confirmed FIRST you run the risk of not being reimbursed and we know you want that freebie! 

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